Our firm has had experience in handling the full range of matters in maritime transport. We are called upon by underwriters, owners, charterers, financial institutions and other maritime interest to assist throughout Nigeria and globally in matters relating to:

  • Charter Parties: negotiation, advice, arrest and attachment of vessels

  • Contract negotiation, compliance and enforcement

  • Marine insurance, and risk management advice and litigation.

  • Maritime liens.

  • Sale and Purchase of vessels

  • Registration of vessels and shipping companies with regulatory authorities

  • Recovery of containers and Maritime debts

  • Variety of Maritime /cargo claims

  • Review and drafting of maritime legislations

  • Cabotage and regulatory compliance

Our firm is also experienced in the domain of air transportation. We have been called upon locally and internationally to advise on matters relating to:

  • Litigation in specialized courts in Nigeria dealing with air transportation

  • Compensation following aerial accidents

  • Financing the purchase of aircrafts

  • Acquisition of technical partners for airline operators

  • Development of air transport infrastructures

As regards land transport, our firm was involved in a World Bank financed project for the establishment of Rapid Bus Transit scheme for Lagos State Nigeria. We advised on the regulatory procedures and preparation of relevant legislation to govern the Scheme.

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